The new Rental Kart of OTK Kart Group

OTK Research and Development Department has introduced various technical arrangements to make the kart extremely comfortable and secure.
But not only: Viper has been designed and manufactured to achieve maximum reduction of the total weight of the vehicle, to the benefit of driving pleasure. The final result is really extraordinary, considering the category it belongs to.
The keywords of the new Viper are: comfort, safety, performance. All combined with incredible reliability and easy maintenance. In fact, there are plenty of quick adjustments and repair solutions to facilitate maintenance work.

Innovative bodyworks

The polypropylene interior and the polyzene exterior provide shock absorption in case of contact as well as the maximum resistance of the chassis

Quick control system for pedal adjustment

Thanks to an easy-to-use mechanism the kart can be adapted to the various drivers’ heights

Quick-action seat

Adjustable in 9 positions, equipped with seat cage and reinforced structure

Braking system

Floating caliper with 2-piston stroke recovery, hydraulic brake pump with integrated oil tank, selfventilating disc, brake pads quick change system.

Shock-absorber floor plate

To minimize the impact in the event of a collision.


Chain or belt drive with tensioner

● Honda 200/270/390 cc engine
● Metallic red frame
● Anti-brake system: prevents acceleration and braking at the same time
● Single-piece aluminium wheels
● Stainless steel plate

● Silent exhaust system
● Axle O 40x5 mm
● Reinforced stub axles
● Brake disc protection and sprocket protection
● Ergonomic 3-spoke steering wheel
● Fuel tank 9 liters

Bodyworks render

Innovative bodyworks with internal polypropylene mesh and external polyrene cover


● Customized stickers kit
● Roll-bar with safety belts
● Seat in fiberglass
● Remote control
● Ballast holder box
● Seat regulator